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Contact and Referral Information

Dr. Blair's expertise is in helping people process information, make decisions, and make and sustain important personal changes in their lives.

To schedule an appointment or consultation, you can download and fill in the convenient forms below and fax or mail to us:

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General contact information:

C. David Blair, Ph.D.
Center For Health Psychology, Inc.
PO Box 7204
Charleston, WV 25356-0204

(three zero four) 342 8300

(three zero four) 342 8311

E-mail - admin1(at)drdavidblair (dot)com

Please note that E-mail is not available for communications involving personal information or personal questions. We value your privacy and the security of your personal health information. Please write, call, or fax if you wish to schedule a consultation.


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C. David Blair, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Charleston WV

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